The Employee Of The Quarter Award is earned by the Jonathan’s Landing team member who, via one remarkable example of extraordinary service, a consistent pattern of delivering exceptional guest service, or both, “embodies a genuine and tireless ‘spirit of hospitality’ in the way that he or she engages with our guests.  An Employee of the Quarter will distinguish himself or herself with courtesy, empathy, enthusiasm, hard work, and determination.  He or she will, by word and deed, make a lasting positive impression on both guests as well as fellow team members each of whom will be inspired to emulate the effort and attitude of the Employee of the Quarter.

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Morgan Rigby – 1st Quarter, 2022

Morgan Rigby has been a very valuable member of our Outside Services team as a Players’ Assistant for many seasons, joining our team in the Summer of 2019.  Morgan performs so many necessary and valuable functions in his role in the golf operation, each contributing to the guest’s or Annual Golf Passholder’s positive experience when playing golf, dining, or participating in an outing with us at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club.

Notably, Morgan is always one to go above and beyond the expectation on any given day.  Whether it’s greeting guests, restaging golf carts, picking the range, refreshing the tee box amenities, or assisting with a golf outing, Morgan is always one to take a leadership role in these varied and important aspects of our day-to-day golf operation.  Morgan is always willing to help train or assist a fellow team member, and his enthusiasm and spirit of hospitality is often noticed and much appreciated by guests, fellow team members, and Jonathan’s Landing/Forewinds Hospitality managers alike.  

The golf course has become notably busier over the past few seasons, and Morgan has become an even bigger part of its success.  He is always willing to remain flexible, roll with any last minute changes, and retains his happy attitude and warm welcome for all. 

General Manager Chad Craft, PGA, was thrilled with Morgan’s nomination by a fellow team member.  “Morgan continues to be a key contributor to our golf operation, assisting in countless tasks and responsibilities on any given day,” said Craft.  “He was a huge help getting the old cart fleet ready for departure, and the new fleet of carts up and running.  I have really noticed how he is continuing to grow in his role, helping a colleague with anything that might be required, and is always among the first to volunteer for any new job or need that might pop up throughout the day.”  Another manager noted, “It’s clear to everyone – guests and team members alike – that doing a good job and greeting guests with a warm welcome is important to him.  Morgan is one of many reasons that Jonathan’s Landing continues to grow and be successful.  I am very grateful to have him on our team – he’s a big part of our success.”


Nicole Locey – 4th Quarter, 2021

Nicole joined the team at Jonathan’s Landing in the spring of 2021 where she immediately brought a solid presence in JB’s Pub as well as the rapidly increasing wedding and special event business.  Nicole possesses a natural affinity for courteous customer service.  Being attentive to the needs of the guest is always on display.

The passholders and frequent golfers at Jonathan’s Landing have come to appreciate Nicole’s friendly spirit and warm hospitality, whether it’s in the Pub or out on the Beverage Cart.  Nicole is one who frequently assists with golf-related responsibilities as well.  Whether it’s making a tee time over the phone or checking in the league participants, she’s always willing to lend a hand to any other team member for tasks big or small.

General Manager Chad Craft, PGA, enthusiastically endorsed Nicole’s nomination by a fellow team member.  “Nicole has most definitely been a tremendous asset and has allowed us to elevate and grow in our pub and event areas,” said Craft.  “Her knowledge of the restaurant/bar business focusing on service has been welcomed with open arms, allowing us to constantly evolve as a facility.  We are extremely fortunate to have her as a valued team member and are excited about her impact on the future of Jonathan’s Landing as we move forward.  Another manager noted, “Nicole has quickly become a steady hand and a trusted resource on our Food & Beverage team at Jonathan’s Landing.  We know that our golfers and guests are as happy to have her at the club as we are, and look forward to many more months and years ahead.”

Dave Summerfield – 3rd Quarter, 2021

Dave has been a valued staff member at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club for over ten years.  Dave has seen many eras and evolutions at Jonathan’s and has a unique perspective on the property and its history.  As a Pro Shop Attendant, Dave has a wide array of responsibilities and areas of focus on any given day.  This wide array of tasks can be overwhelming for some, but Dave has proven to be a highly versatile and talented member of the JLGC team.  This versatility can be witnessed in every shift, working through checking in guests and relaying course information.  Further, Dave has to handle providing JB’s Pub grill fare, serving beverages, assisting in outside services tasks, and more.

Dave’s passion for Jonathan’s Landing begins with his passion for golf.  Dave loves the game, is an avid player, and enjoys not only playing at Jonathan’s Landing and other Forewinds Hospitality properties but traveling to golf destinations with friends.  This love for the game is an asset at Jonathan’s Landing, where Dave serves guests and has a spirit of hospitality that is the cornerstone for anyone in guest service.

Always quick to offer to help or take on a new role, Dave can be counted on for myriad jobs and projects that may bubble up.  Minor construction or repair – cleaning out or tidying up – whatever is needed, Dave is the first to try to help.  Everyone on the team has grown to trust and rely on Dave’s experience and breadth of skills.  Simply put, Jonathan’s Landing has become a better place because of Dave Summerfield.

General Manager Chad Craft, PGA, enthusiastically supported Dave’s nomination for this honor.  “Dave is a very important part of our team,” said Craft.  “I can’t tell you how many times Dave has come through for us when something needed to be done, or a helping hand was required.  It is truly evident that his commitment to this property and the overall success of Jonathan’s Landing is very important to him.  We are extremely grateful to have him on the team.”

Brock Beyer – 2nd Quarter, 2021

Brock has been a member of the Jonathan’s Landing grounds crew for several years and became the facility mechanic facility in early 2019 upon the arrival of Forewinds Hospitality as the management company of Jonathan’s Landing.

The position of mechanic is critical to the success of the facility regarding playing conditions as it is a direct impact on the equipment used to maintain the grounds.  Brock has continuously demonstrated a great understanding of what is required to get the job done, and has proven to be proactive getting maintenance equipment back up and running in a timely matter.  Brock’s direct supervisor Steve Smith, Golf Course Superintendent, knows that in all scenarios he will do what is necessary whether it be getting a new part quickly, making a setting adjustment, or utilizing a different approach to effectively maintain mowers, utility vehicles, tractors, and other pieces of equipment.

Brock works closely with the rest of the crew regarding daily maintenance activities in addition to special projects.  Whether it is a small construction project, a renovation of an existing golf course feature, or a larger scale repair, Brock’s experience and recommendations are critical to the outcome.  He is a trusted team member and a talented craftsman in all areas of golf course and equipment maintenance.

General Manager Chad Craft, PGA, enthusiastically endorsed Brock’s nomination by a fellow team member.  “Brock is the ultimate team player with a tremendous attitude,” said Craft.  “The equipment maintenance at any golf facility is ever changing and offers different challenges daily.  Brock always embraces the task at hand regardless of the situation to ensure our equipment is in proper working order.  This allows our entire maintenance team to effectively provide the best playing conditions possible to our valued guests and passholders.  He is a very deserving winner of this honor.”

Ben Dulin – 1st Quarter, 2021

Ben has been a member of the Jonathan’s Landing grounds crew for several years.  Long before Forewinds Hospitality was engaged with Jonathan’s Landing, Ben has been a dedicated and reliable member of our grounds crew.

This position can be very taxing, in the elements whether the cold mornings of Spring and Fall, quiet months of winter maintenance, or the challenging heat of the summer.  Ben has always been a member of the team that has delivered not only an excellent product to our guests, but who has always been one to assist another team member with a project.  Ben’s supervisor, Golf Course Superintendent Steve Smith, has appreciated that Ben is a very trusted member of the crew, always willing to contribute to an on-course project or learn a new skill.

General Manager Chad Craft, PGA, enthusiastically endorsed Ben’s nomination by a fellow team member.  “Ben has been tremendous,” said Craft.

“The regular maintenance of our golf course and clubhouse areas involve the detailed maintenance of about 150 acres of turf, sand and hazards, each with their own unique needs and challenges.  Ben has proven over many seasons to understand what the golf course needs and how we can contribute to the grounds crew to make it better.  Further, Ben has been instrumental in some of the larger project work that we have initiated, whether they are bunker renovations, drainage projects, or small construction.  Ben is always eager to assist whenever possible to make Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club a better place for our guests, our passholders and our fellow team members.”

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