How to Get The Most Out of Your Annual Golf Pass

annual golf pass

According to the National Golf Foundation, there were 3.2 million first-time players in 2021. New players can find a lot of benefits from an annual golf pass. Additionally, it’s not just the newcomers who find a lot of perks with their annual passes. These golfing passes are an excellent option for golfers of any and all skill levels. Let’s take a closer look at the many features of an annual golf pass and how to make the most of yours!

Discounts on Merchandise and Course Access

Golf can be a costly sport, particularly if it becomes more than an occasional pastime. Between club and cart rentals, access to various courses, and purchasing meals or merchandise, the price of golfing can add up quickly. Our annual membership gives discounts in our ProShop, room rentals, and access to other clubs and courses as well so that you can save money while enjoying all the perks of your membership.

Exclusive Membership Perks

If there was a way to enhance your golfing experience and make your day go smoother, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? With unlimited cart access, professional lessons, and handicap-friendly options, you will encounter no bumps in the road during your time here. You can also take place in member-only events to network within the golfing community, as well as partake in friendly competitions and gameplay.

Pass Options to Fit Your Schedule

Golf is an activity that can be time-consuming, so being able to golf any time you choose, even outside of your typical course access, is a definite benefit of a golf pass. Additionally, having 14-day advanced tee times ensures that you will be able to pick tee times that work for you and your schedule. Whether you want to golf twice in one day, or every other week, these annual golf passes allow for flexible and customized golfing opportunities.

If you love to golf and want to experience a more satisfactory experience, an annual golf pass may be exactly what you’re looking for! Between discount options, schedule accommodations, and various ways to connect with other golf enthusiasts, this opportunity speaks for itself. Contact us today to find out more about all the details regarding this cost-effective way to enjoy the sport you love.