What’s the Best Time of Year to Get Married?

Many factors go into planning a wedding. Before they even get engaged, 24% of millennials in the United States will look into venues for their wedding ceremony & reception, according to 2date4love. However, location isn’t the only thing to consider when it comes to wedding planning. Timing is also crucial. Here’s what to consider when choosing the best time of year to get married.

What Are the Most Popular Months for Weddings?

Certain times of the year, known as peak months, are more popular choices for weddings. These generally include the summer and early fall. That’s because the weather is usually a lot better suited to an outdoor wedding ceremony & reception. However, be aware that these months tend to be more expensive when it comes to booking a wedding venue.

Are You Looking to Save Money?

It’s understandable to want to conserve as much of your budget as you can. Fortunately, there are some times of the year when weddings are not as expensive. These months, known as off-peak months, include January, February, July, and November. Not coincidentally, off-peak months tend to be colder, with the exception of July. If you’re looking to save some cash for other expenses, like your honeymoon, one of these months might be ideal for your wedding.

What Is Your Schedule?

Your and your partner’s daily lives should also be considered when you plan your wedding. It’s especially critical to choose a time of year when you can both take time off of work if needed. For example, if one of you is an accountant, you wouldn’t want to get married during tax season. The day of the week you choose for your wedding is also important. While weekends are naturally more expensive to book, choosing a weekday means your loved ones are less likely to be able to attend. Don’t hesitate to ask your guests about what would work best for their schedules to ensure as many people as possible can RSVP “yes.”

Once you’ve decided on a date, you’ll need to choose the right venue for your wedding ceremony & reception. If you’re looking for the perfect place to say “I do,” look no further than Jonathan’s Landing. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding packages!

How to Get Into Golf as a Beginner

Golf is a wonderful sport that people of all ages can enjoy. If you’re interested in learning how to golf, you’re not alone. According to the National Golf Foundation, in 2021, 3.2 million people played golf on a course for the first time. Luckily, getting into golf is easy, especially when you follow these tips.

Work With a Pro

Golf lessons are a perfect way to begin your journey. It’s important to learn the proper techniques from the beginning rather than end up needing to unlearn bad habits. Working with a pro will provide you with the proper foundation that will allow you to grow your skillset. There’s no reason to try to figure out golf on your own when there are a wide variety of golf lessons available. Plus, when you work with a qualified pro, you’re more likely to stick with the sport, even when it becomes challenging.

Join a League

After you have a few lessons under your belt, consider joining a golf group or league. There are many groups that get together at the same time every week to enjoy a friendly round or two. The added camaraderie will enhance your experience and make it more enjoyable. You’ll make some friends while spending quality time outdoors learning a new skill. Golf is an excellent sport for everyone, as it’s not too physically challenging but provides enough activity to benefit anyone with a sedentary lifestyle. If you get trained by a pro, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to joining a league.

Get a Golf Buddy

Even if you don’t have any friends who play golf, it’s easy enough to find a golf buddy. You’ll likely get to know a few people in your golf league or training group who you want to play with. Spending another day on the course outside of lessons and group play is an effective way to improve your game. Even friends who aren’t serious golfers might be interested in spending some time at the driving range. Your golf game will improve the more often you play, so the more time you can spend golfing, the better.

If you’re ready to start playing golf, sign up for the Jonathan’s Landing Golf Instruction Program today. Our pros are patient, knowledgeable, and love to share their passion for the sport with beginners. Give us a call or stop by to learn more about our golf lessons.

Should You Take Your Child to a Golf Course?

Are you looking for more ways to spend time with your child? A golf outing is a perfect way to be together while teaching them something new. According to Statista, adults aged 30-49 years are the most likely demographic to play golf in the U.S., but it is a sport best learned at a young age. Here are a few reasons why taking your child to a golf course is a great idea!

Golf Skills Are Best Learned Young

Golf requires a lot of eye-hand coordination and mental toughness. These are two skills that are easier to acquire when young and will be a benefit to your child over their entire lifetime. The earlier they get started, the better. In addition to going on a family golf outing, lessons will also help them develop these skills even further.

Spend the Day Together Outside

How many parents are struggling to pull their kids away from their video games and device screens? Golf provides young people with an engaging outdoor activity in the sunshine. A day on the links is a wonderful way to get outdoors and enjoy some quality family time. One-on-one time spent with your child will strengthen your relationship and will often help you to communicate better. This is an important asset as a child grows older and begins to face life as a teenager. It makes sense to take advantage of the opportunity to spend more time together now playing a sport you both enjoy.

The Start of a Beautiful Hobby

Golf is a sport that’s also a fantastic pastime and hobby. Even if your child isn’t interested in pursuing golf as a competitive sport, it can still be a beautiful and important part of their life. Getting your child started early will provide them with a fantastic way to spend time with family, friends, and even work colleagues and clients. By introducing them to golf at a young age, you provide them with a lifetime of enjoyment. Let’s encourage children to spend more time outdoors!

If you and your child are ready for a golf outing, contact your local golf club. We encourage all young people to learn the sport of golf for a variety of reasons. Book your tee time today!

Golf Course Etiquette 101

Golf is a popular sport that millions of Americans enjoy. An amazing 465 million rounds of golf are played yearly by about 24 million golfers. It’s crucial for golfers to focus on more than just improving swings and scores. You also need to remember proper golf course etiquette before heading to the country club.

Respect the Course

Golf course owners spend hours meticulously grooming the greens to keep them in flawless shape. This costs hundreds of dollars. Ensure you respect the course by not damaging the course with wild swings or divots. Avoid littering by always using the trash cans on the course or taking your trash with you.

Keep a Steady Pace

Golf is a slower game, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to hold up other groups while taking twenty practice swings. Instead, be prepared for shots coming up and minimize the number of practice swings you take. If another group or players are moving faster, let them go ahead instead of making them wait.

Respect Other Players

Golf can take a certain amount of concentration, making it important to be quiet when it’s another player’s turn to swing. You should avoid making unnecessary noise or movements near them that can distract them while they are preparing to take their shot. You don’t want to do anything that could make them mess up.

Fix Your Divots

Divots are pieces of the turf or grass that come up when a player makes a stroke. Sometimes, these are unavoidable. Instead of leaving a clump of grass lying out of place, carefully replace the divot. Step on it with your shoe to put it back in place, and then continue to the next hole. This ensures the turf looks pristine.

Safety is Important

Golf is not considered dangerous, but it’s always important to keep safety in mind. Be watchful of other players when it’s time to take a swing and ask them to step back if you’re worried you’ll hit them. Ensure that groups ahead of yours are far enough away that they won’t get hit with the ball before taking a shot.

When on a golf course, following all the rules and guidelines is important. This applies to playing the game and to driving a golf cart. Check out the rest of the site for more information on our golf course.

4 Benefits of Having Your Prom at a Golf Course

It goes without saying that prom night is a special night for high schoolers, up there with graduation day. However, finding the right venue may take some work, depending on your location. Great venues typically get booked 12 to 18 months in advance, according to Martha Stewart, so the sooner you get started, the easier it is to snag your first choice. That’s why you should consider a golf course for your latest event, particularly prom. Here are some reasons why hosting this special night at the golf course is a good idea.

1. Good Catering

Students and parents will often focus on the attire, corsages, and music of the big night, but the food is just as important. Why go for burgers or pizza after the night ends when you can indulge in delicious professional catering on-site? Golf courses have amazing catering staff that often handle many events and high-end clientele.

2. Easy Parking

Whether outgoing seniors plan to drive themselves to the prom or hire a limo service, they don’t have to worry about parking. Golf courses have plenty of space to accommodate any vehicles arriving on the scene. So, if you and your friends don’t want to hire a party bus and prefer to take your cars, it won’t be an issue.

3. Beautiful Location

It’s convenient to have the big dance at the high school auditorium or local event hall, but it’s not the most memorable choice. However, hosting a prom at a beautiful golf course gives seniors access to the beautiful scenery on a meticulous landscape. It’s a great way to make the final major event of their high school years a memorable and beautiful one. Can you imagine the photos?

4. Take Great Photos

The local high school auditorium isn’t the best setting for interesting photos. On a golf course, you have amazing green space, trees, and ponds to pose against as you show off your tuxedos and gowns.

Prom is a special event that marks the end of high school and a transition into college and beyond. The night is special for all attendees, and the venue should have just as much thought as attire, music, and everything else. If you’re in charge of planning this annual event for your local high school, consider alternative venues to make the event special. Contact us at Jonathan’s Landing for more information about hosting your event.

5 Great Questions to Ask an Outdoor Wedding Venue

So you’ve researched some outdoor wedding venues and narrowed the list down to a few of your potential favorites (and we hope Jonathan’s Landing is at the top of your list!). In fact, many couples look at venues early! According to Pew Research Center, before getting engaged, 24% of American millennials will research venues.

When you are considering venues, there are some questions you should certainly ask to help ensure that the venue has everything you need to make your day perfect. The top three considerations for a venue are your budget, date, and style. However, there are still plenty of little factors to consider. Here are five great questions to ask your outdoor wedding venue.

How Many People Does the Space Accommodate?

A venue’s capacity directly relates to your guest list, and therefore, your budget. If you love the space but it only fits 75 comfortably, and your guest list is looking more like 200, then this might not be the space for you. You would have to decide between your guest list and the venue.

Do You Have Liability Insurance?

If a wedding venue doesn’t have liability insurance, you’ll have to purchase your own. This is important in case someone gets injured, your venue is damaged, or some other mishap occurs on your wedding day. The venue’s insurance is there to protect them if the venue is negligent and causes injury or damage.

Do You Offer On-Site Coordination?

Many venues offer an on-site coordinator included with the venue price. Meanwhile, other venues will have a lower price and (if needed) you will have to go find a day of coordinator for the big day. This information allows you to plan ahead and see what more research or planning you might need to do. Many brides prefer an all-inclusive wedding venue to help eliminate stress. So don’t forget to ask the venue this question!

How Many Parking Spots and Restrooms Are There for My Guests?

A good rule of thumb to follow is to have at least one restroom available for every 100 guests. You can also err on the side of extra caution, if your budget allows, and decide to get one portable restroom for every 50 guests, or to get more restrooms for women than for men.

When it comes to parking for your guests, you do not want to run out of space. Occasionally, parking for a wedding, or rather lack thereof, can become a logistical challenge. Therefore you will want to know the parking situation ahead of time. There are many different solutions for fewer parking spots than guests, so don’t knock off a venue with a small parking lot right away!

What Do We Do If the Weather Is Bad?

Outdoor weddings are beautiful but they do come with risks. Any couple that’s considering having an outdoor wedding should confirm a backup plan for rain and cold weather in their venue contract. That way, if the weather unexpectedly changes, you’ll have no reason to panic.

If you are looking for a beautiful outdoor wedding venue that will ensure you have the perfect day, choose Jonathon’s Landing. Give us a call for more information!

How Can Golf Impact Your Physical and Mental Health?

If you’re thinking about hitting up a golf course for a game or two, you’re in for some serious physical and mental health benefits. Golf can be more than just a leisurely sport – it can have a profound impact on your health and well-being. Here’s how.

Burn More Calories

According to Golf Digest, the typical golfer burned 770 calories in just under two and a half hours. This is more than double the number of calories burned in a comparable amount of time playing tennis, jogging, or swimming. Even better, you don’t have to sprint around the course like a professional golfer for your calorie burn to add up. Walking and carrying your golf bag instead can still provide significant benefits!

Improve Your Strength and Balance

Golf requires more than just a consistent swing. It also needs strength, balance, and coordination to get that perfect shot. Swinging a golf club is like performing an intense full-body workout, targeting your core muscles as well as arms and legs, which can help you build strength, improve your posture, and improve your balance.

Boost Your Mood

The physical benefits of golf can be paired with the mental ones. Taking a break from work or daily stressors to hit the course can do wonders for your mood! The fresh air, socializing with friends or co-workers, and being surrounded by nature are all great for your mental health. Studies even show that the mild aerobic exercise of golf can help reduce stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

Get Creative

Golf is also a great way to get creative. Each hole on a golf course is different, and golfers have to think through the course and adjust their strategy accordingly. This mental exercise can help stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills as you come up with creative solutions to get that hole in one!

Improve Your Self-Confidence

Finally, playing a round of golf can help you boost your self-confidence. As you improve, you’ll gain confidence in yourself and your skills. Golf is a great way to set goals for yourself and make progress when it comes to reaching them.

Golf is so much more than just a leisurely sport; its physical and mental benefits make it a great choice for improving your overall health. So, go ahead and hit the golf course at Jonathan’s Landing. You won’t regret it!Give us a call today to learn more.

Getting Friends and Family More Involved in Golf

Golf is a great way to bond and connect with friends and family. Inviting others to join the game can be even more enjoyable, as they can share their experiences and skills with you. Luckily, getting loved ones involved on the golf course is easier than ever with all the resources and technology available. Here’s how you can get them involved.

Find the Right Place to Play

The first step in getting your family and friends involved in golf is to find the right place to play. Look for a golf course that’s family-friendly and has beginner-level facilities. These courses will help make it easier for those new to golf by offering more accessible playing areas, shorter tees, and helpful staff members. Golf Digest also recommends finding a course that offers lessons or clinics specifically catered to beginners, as they can be an invaluable resource in learning the game.

Keep it Fun and Engaging

It’s important to remember that golf should be fun for everyone involved. Try to set up friendly competitions or make practice sessions more interactive with games and challenges. It’ll help make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. You can also encourage your friends and family to get involved by offering incentives such as prizes or discounts on future rounds of golf.

Make it Accessible

Not everyone has access to proper golf equipment, which can be a barrier when getting your family and friends involved. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make golf more accessible for all loved ones. Look up local programs or retailers that offer rental clubs and discounted lessons. You also have online communities that provide helpful advice and tips for those just starting the game.

Make It Gender Inclusive

According to Golf Digest, there were nearly six million female golfers in 2020, which is nearly a quarter of all total golfers. This statistic shows that golf has become much more accessible and inclusive for both genders in recent years. Help friends and family enjoy the game without feeling excluded or discouraged, by creating an atmosphere of support and inclusion.

Getting your family and friends out on the golf course can be a great way to make memories and increase enjoyment. With the right resources and attitude, you can help introduce them to this exciting sport. So what are you waiting for? Visit our local golf course today for some physical activity and bonding time.

How to Get The Most Out of Your Annual Golf Pass

According to the National Golf Foundation, there were 3.2 million first-time players in 2021. New players can find a lot of benefits from an annual golf pass. Additionally, it’s not just the newcomers who find a lot of perks with their annual passes. These golfing passes are an excellent option for golfers of any and all skill levels. Let’s take a closer look at the many features of an annual golf pass and how to make the most of yours!

Discounts on Merchandise and Course Access

Golf can be a costly sport, particularly if it becomes more than an occasional pastime. Between club and cart rentals, access to various courses, and purchasing meals or merchandise, the price of golfing can add up quickly. Our annual membership gives discounts in our ProShop, room rentals, and access to other clubs and courses as well so that you can save money while enjoying all the perks of your membership.

Exclusive Membership Perks

If there was a way to enhance your golfing experience and make your day go smoother, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? With unlimited cart access, professional lessons, and handicap-friendly options, you will encounter no bumps in the road during your time here. You can also take place in member-only events to network within the golfing community, as well as partake in friendly competitions and gameplay.

Pass Options to Fit Your Schedule

Golf is an activity that can be time-consuming, so being able to golf any time you choose, even outside of your typical course access, is a definite benefit of a golf pass. Additionally, having 14-day advanced tee times ensures that you will be able to pick tee times that work for you and your schedule. Whether you want to golf twice in one day, or every other week, these annual golf passes allow for flexible and customized golfing opportunities.

If you love to golf and want to experience a more satisfactory experience, an annual golf pass may be exactly what you’re looking for! Between discount options, schedule accommodations, and various ways to connect with other golf enthusiasts, this opportunity speaks for itself. Contact us today to find out more about all the details regarding this cost-effective way to enjoy the sport you love.

Why Should You Consider Golf Lessons?

Golf is one of the great gifts Scotland gave the world and has never slowed in its popularity. Golf is a sport that involves skills in balance, stance, grip, and longevity, and relies on the right equipment and teachings. It is a sport that is best learned at the hands of a professional so that the player can play it with skill if they wish to excel in the sport. Yet, just 17% of people who play golf seek private golf lessons, according to the National Golf Foundation.

Golf Lessons

Playing golf is a skill just like any other. It is a skill that has to be learned and refined over time. Anyone can benefit by taking lessons from a golf pro, whether they are new to the game or have been playing it for a while but want to take things to the next level.

The Right Equipment

Not every set of golf clubs are made equally. A golf pro will be able to give you some insights on how to purchase a good set of clubs that will help your game from the very start. You can always find a variety of high-quality merchandise from our pro shop to purchase.

Stance and Grip

Proper stance and a good grip can be the difference between a well-aimed shot and a ball going somewhere into a trap or even the nearby woods. Your goal is to control where the ball goes.

A golf pro can look at your stance and give you pointers. In general, the balls of your feet, your knees, and your spine should line up. Your back knee should be slightly toward where you want to drive the ball. You should pay attention to your feet and how far apart your legs are. Check to see if you have the correct balance. Your stance should be adjusted according to which club you are using.

The grip with which you hold your club is just as crucial as your stance. A grip that is too light or too tight can cause you to lose control of the ball.

The Swing

After adjusting your stance and grip, a golf pro can help you with your swing. A proper golf swing will depend on your size, the club you are using, and what comes naturally to you.

Remember, golf is supposed to be fun. Unless you want to go pro, you should play golf because you enjoy it. You can work on your skills to become a better golfer, but you should never forget to enjoy yourself. Give Jonathan’s Landing a call today to connect with a private trainer or to hear about the other fantastic experiences we offer!