Why It Is Helpful To Follow A Budget For Your Wedding

According to The Knot, the average budget for the wedding ceremony and reception alone is $28,385. That said, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how much your wedding should cost. The most important thing is to have a wedding budget that you can stick to. In this article, we discuss why it’s helpful to follow a strict budget for your wedding.


Having a budget is all about being organized. You need to know how much you can afford to pay for the venue and other costs associated with getting your wedding day together. Usually, it’s best practice to have an itemized list of all the anticipated costs you will incur and how to make them conform to your budget. Overall, you can stay on top of your wedding plans better if you know how much money you’re working with and how to allocate it effectively.


It’s not unusual for couples to splurge on their wedding and go all out. That’s the danger lies in overspending and ending up with a pile of debt that can lower the quality of life for many years to come. The problem with bad debt is that it accumulates interest which raises the cost of your wedding. Therefore, having a budget is necessary because it helps you to toe the financial line that prevents you from incurring unnecessary debt. You can easily stick to your budget and keep your expenses in check when you are tracking the numbers.


One of the main reasons for having a budget is it helps you track where all your money is going. Otherwise, it can be super stressful trying to figure out why you no longer have enough cash to pay for the decor. Not having a budget can end up derailing your well-laid plans, which is the last thing you need when you need to focus on getting all the plans together. If you have a budget that you can stick to, you can sleep better at night and enjoy your big day with more peace of mind.

Your wedding day should be one of the most exciting and special days, and it takes money to achieve that. However, you can still have your special day while staying on top of your finances. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in a wedding venue that is flexible for most budgets.



The History of Golf

Golf is a sport quintessentially thought to be associated with the wealthy. According to Panther Run Golf Clube, golfing was in Scotland not only once but thrice between 1457 and 1744. The equipment and rules used in golf have evolved over the years. Today, golf is considered one of the most popular sports, with world-class tournaments held in various countries. Below we take a look at the history of golf, the changes it has undergone, and the rules that are in place for it.


Golf is a sport played when someone hits a small ball into a hole using various clubs. It’s a popular sport, enjoyed by players of all ages and skills. It is played either competitively or for enjoyment and fun. Some aspects of golfing include the mental aspects of shot-making or strategic planning and the physical element of swinging a club. Golfing can also be a social activity, as many people enjoy it by relaxing and spending time with their friends.


The sport of golf traces back to its origin in Scotland during the 15th century. The first recorded game of golf was played at Bruntsfield Links, in Edinburgh, in 1456. From there, the game spread to England and the rest of Europe. Today, golf is played in over 120 countries and is enjoyed by millions of people.


The earliest golf games were played using rudimentary equipment, consisting of a small wooden ball and crude clubs. As it evolved, sophisticated equipment was developed, including a ball made of tightly-woven gutta-percha and metal-headed clubs. The game was played on a course similar to the ones used in the modern world. The only difference was that the holes were not as deep, and the green lawns were not well-manicured. By the late 19th century, golfing had evolved to the point where modern equipment in use today was developed, including the rubber-cored ball and metal-shafted clubs.


Golf became an Olympic sport in 2016 when it got included in the Summer Olympics for the first time in over a century. Golf was last counted as an Olympic sport in 1904 when it got included in the St. Louis Games. A golf game, played at the 1900 Paris Games, was considered more of an exhibition sport and not an official Olympic event. The return of golf to the Olympics in 2016 was thanks partly to the efforts of the International Olympic Committee’s President, Thomas Bach.

The history of golf is extensive, with its popularity dating back centuries ago. If you are looking for a place to catch a game of golf and enjoy the company of friends, visit Jonathan’s Landing Gold Course today. We’ll ensure to provide you the best services to enjoy your game of golf.



7 Reasons Public Golf Courses Make Good Corporate Events

Planning a successful corporate event can be a daunting task. It may become overwhelming for you as an events planner with hundreds of moving pieces that need to work seamlessly during the planning and execution stage. A critical piece of the puzzle is picking out a suitable corporate events space.

A Golf Country Club for Your Next Business Event

The venue you pick may have a considerable impact in shaping out your attendees’ experiences. It can make the difference between an active engagement and uncomfortable delegates with their eyes on the door. Public golf courses offer more than a good time out in the green. Your company may also access excellent conference facilities with dedicated staff for your event.

Here are seven reasons why you should pick out a Central Delaware public golf course as your next corporate event space.

1. Versatile Corporate Event Spaces

Public golf courses often have various executive conference rooms and ballrooms that you can hire out to carry your training or team building sessions. You may need to determine the number of guests that will attend the event. The golf management team can then make a reservation for a meeting room that fits your needs. Most country clubs have break rooms and network stations that you use for your charity fundraisers.

2. Breathtaking, Relaxing Scenery for Your Breaks

Choosing a public golf course for your corporate event space can provide a much-needed break from the conventional boardroom meetings. Your guests can relax overlooking the lush green landscape of the 18-hole golf course. It may also present an excellent chance to organize a charity tournament where participants can relax as they play golf. Again, people remember events that take place in beautiful spaces, so you want to give them something they’ll never forget.

3. Food and Drinks Accommodation

Most country clubs have an in-house catering team with a lead chef that will prepare any meals you may wish to have after your business meetings. The tasty cuisines and drinks will appeal to the taste buds of your attendees and serve as perfect ice breakers for networking. You can discuss with the events manager at the golf club the costs of food and beverages.

4. Accessibility and Ample Parking Spaces

Golf courses are often conveniently located off major transportation networks, including highways, rail, and airports. Accessibility to the corporate event space can help increase your attendance percentages. Additionally, booking a conference room at the golf club can grant you access to dedicated parking that can help offset such miscellaneous costs.

5. Exclusive Corporate Event Space

Venue exclusivity for the day booked can allow you to brand and decorate the rooms to match your specific message for the event. The management team can work with you on the decorations that you wish to have at your conference.

6. Convenience

Planning for corporate retreats and events can be hectic. Hiring a public golf course can provide access to a team of expert event organizers that carry out such tasks daily. The experience of the events manager at the country club can help you identify errors or items that you may have missed.

7. Amenities

Golf courses are accustomed to catering to groups of all sizes, including providing a wide range of amenities, from food and beverage to meeting rooms. Most golf courses offer full-service on-site kitchens or will work with you in arranging appropriate off-site caterers. Some even have audio equipment available for use during your event’s presentation.

Finding a suitable corporate event space can be stressful. Public golf clubs present an excellent option with most tasks, including arrangement, decoration, catering, and after-clean-ups done for you. To make a reservation for your company retreat in Kent County, Delaware, reach out to Jonathan’s Landing Golf Course.


6 Trends to Make Your 2021 Golf Club Wedding Memorable

Saying “I Do” to the love of your life should be unforgettable and worth every penny. Every year, couples change their wedding expectations depending on the current styles. And if you do not want your wedding to be a big bust, you better hop on the trending fashions and arrangements.

Since 2020, couples, planners, vendors, and designers have experienced challenges because of the pandemic. Now that most gatherings are back, planning a 2021 or 2022 wedding will be easy. As couples wait for big weddings and events to make a comeback, they have to normalize the new wedding fashions that arose out of necessity.

Here are the most popular trends to watch out for in 2021.

Micro weddings

The most noticeable trend is the need for intimate, informal, and relaxed weddings. Betrothed couples now prefer micro weddings with a limited number of guests on the list. For one, they can easily budget per head, spend quality time with guests, and keep the ceremony friendly. Best places to have a wedding include country clubs and golf courses in central Delaware.

Innovative technology, as well as the pandemic, have also affected the rise of virtual weddings. Couples find it easier to say their vows and broadcast them on a videoconference. This style helps maintain social distancing and keeps the ceremony light and stress-free.

Shorter Engagements, Quicker Weddings

On average, the period between an engagement and the D-day is a year to eighteen months. That time is sensible, given that a wedding ceremony and reception costs $28,385 to $33,900. Now that the number of people flying has reduced and guest lists have become shorter, there is no need to wait too long to say “I Do.”

Transformative Apparel

Traditionally, the wedding dress was a conservative white gown with a veil and a long train. However, brides now opt for transformative clothes that are more liberal and can be worn in different styles. Such attire makes it easy to transition to the reception wear and can be re-worn for your sequel marriage ceremony. Wearing a chic transformative dress will make your golf course wedding stand out, no doubt!

Fresh Air Setting

With outdoor weddings increasing, people are now looking to getting married in a fresh, natural ambiance with mood lighting and tents.

If you are planning your golf club wedding, include floral décor and greenery to match the environment. The best golf course in Kent County, Delaware will be a perfect spot for your country club wedding. When the sun sets, the air is fresh, and the mood is right, you will feel like a princess in a fairytale.

Unexpected Venues

Couples are looking for unanticipated themes and venues to make their ceremony different. The best places to have a wedding are non-traditional places that give your ceremony uniqueness. Venues are now more spontaneous, with some eloping at the onset.

Welcome Bags

Welcome bags in most weddings in 2020 and 2021 include a hand sanitizer, and on-theme face mask, and cherished gifts like scented candles. Traditional bags had fun items, but the pandemic has caused the contents to change.

Are You in Need of a Party Venue?

Do you want to host your wedding or reception in a remarkable venue? Worry no more! Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club is the best place to tie the knot. It will be easier to plan your event with precision and elegance. Just call today and make a reservation.


3 Best Unique Places to Have a Wedding

Have you recently been engaged? Congratulations! Enjoy the thrill of having a fiance and looking forward to being wed. If you’re worried that the thrill will wear off once it comes time to plan for the wedding, let us reassure you. Planning doesn’t have to be stressful, and instead, as you search for the perfect places to have a wedding in Kent County, Delaware, let us show you how exciting it can be by listing some unique wedding places you may want to consider during your search.

1. Country Club Wedding

Country clubs come equipped with all of the amenities you’ll need for your perfect wedding and reception. They provide a one-stop-shop for all avenues of your special day. The beautiful, rolling green of a golf course might just be the perfect backdrop you’re looking for. You’re not the only one to think so — there were more than a thousand US golf clubs by the year 1900. And with the provided lodging, you can host as big a reception as you’d like, without having to travel to a second location. As unique wedding places go, a country club wedding can be indoor or outdoor and is great for all seasons.

2. Beach Wedding

Ideal for summer weddings, beaches are places to have a wedding that offer a variety of backdrops. From beautiful blue waves to old sailboats and lighthouses, there is an aesthetic for everyone. Many beaches also provide lodging so you can host your reception under a roof. Big or small, you can make your summertime wedding dreams come true. This is an especially good option if a lot of your guests will be bringing children. They can play in the sand or water while the adults chat and drink.

3. Barn Wedding

This type of venue is better suited for smaller weddings and a great option for all seasons, especially fall for that rustic aesthetic. You will be able to find a lot of different styles, from differently shaped barns to different backdrops including hills, forests, or meadows. The wedding event can be held inside or outside and the barn itself makes for the perfect reception location. You can expect to have all sorts of fun at a location like this.

Ready to let the thrill of your engagement carry over into the search for unique wedding places? By having read this article you’re already off to a great start! All you have to decide is which kind of location and aesthetic appeals to you most, and the rest will surely fall into place.


What to Know as a Beginner Golfer

Summer is coming up. In fact, it’s already here. There are some already starting to pick out what they are doing for the summer this year. Many are taking up new hobbies to keep themselves entertained, one of which is playing golf. On the surface, it looks like a sport for rich people. But in recent years, golf has become a sport for everyone. As of 2017, there are 23.83 million golf participants in the United States. Now is a good time to learn to play golf. It doesn’t have to be hard either. You just need to break down the simpler points of what to do and how to do it.

The Right Gear

First, you need to know what type of equipment you are going to need to learn to play golf. Sure, there are the balls, tees, and clubs. But do you know what type you need? Yes, there are so many different types of clubs out there. You can’t just pick out a random club and start using it. You have to know what you need. How do you determine that? It depends on how far you can swing. If you are male and your average swing is 160 yards, you are going to want to go for a 5-iron club. However, if you are a female with a ninety-yard swing, a sand wedge is your best bet. But what if you aren’t sure? Hit about fifty balls with each club and you will find your answer. It would also help to use clubs that are made for beginners. The experts at golf stores will be happy to help you out.

How to Play

Once you get your gear for playing the game, it is time to learn to play golf. Sure, anyone can take a swing and hit the ball. Believe it or not, there is some skill to playing golf. Mostly it involves math. You have to know the trajectory of where to hit the ball into the hole. Plus, you have to hit the ball as hard as you can. The best way to learn is to watch other players play the game. Or you can learn by watching videos on YouTube. There are even classes on how to play golf. The most important thing you have to remember for learning is practice. If you keep practicing, you will get better at golf. Reach out to a country club for lessons.

Finer Details

What else do you need to know about golf? Start by playing on smaller courses for your game. Play three holes before you start going up. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself with a big course and many holes. Another major thing that you have to learn is the etiquette of playing golf. You have to wait your turn, keep up with everyone, be civil, and keep the course clean. Stick to your own ball while you’re at it. Bring plenty of snacks and water. The list goes on, but it will be well worth it.

Learning to play golf doesn’t have to be a headache. There may be many rules, but you just need to take your time and make sure all of your bases are covered. Take baby steps before you work your way up. You will be playing like a pro before the summer is over. Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club is the best place for you to start.


What to Ask When Searching for a Wedding Venue

Your wedding day is the most important ceremony in your life. It is a special day that you get to celebrate with your loved ones and your better half. However, a lot of planning goes into place to make your special day a complete success. Inadequate planning could essentially ruin your whole wedding. Elaborate measures should be taken with the help of your wedding planner to avoid such occurrences. Securing an appropriate wedding venue is the most important part of this process. Here are some important questions you should ask when searching for a wedding venue:

Exclusivity of the Venue

This helps define boundaries and restrictions. If the wedding venue is small, like in kent county, Delaware, it is important to know how long it is available for your use. This also helps to define how flexible your wedding schedule is. The wedding venue you select might be hosting several events on the day of your wedding and this translates to a tight schedule because of the time restraint.


Extensive planning is done when it comes to weddings. This may come as no surprise as you may find wedding venues that are booked up to 3 years in advance, especially during the summer when the weather is favorable for such an event. Advance booking will help you secure your dream wedding venue.

Outdoor Wedding Option

35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions, according to statistics offered by Hudson Value Weddings. Most couples prefer simple outdoor garden weddings that are attended by only close friends and family. It is therefore important to enquire whether the wedding venue you selected meets your desired criteria and setting.


A hand full of people will definitely want to share your joy on your special day. It is important to have security in place to ensure that peace and order are maintained at the wedding venue. In the same breath, the family heirloom and the wedding public address system must also be secure.


It is important to know how many people the wedding venue you selected can hold. This dictates the number of invites you send out to your friends and family. You also get to know how many cars the venue can park. This goes a long way in avoiding any setbacks and inconveniences that may befall your guests.

At Jonathan’s Landing Gold Club, we promise to deliver your dream wedding as you have always envisioned it. We will help you secure your desired wedding venue location and seamlessly facilitate the whole wedding planning process.


What Are the Benefits of Joining a Country Club?

There are several reasons why you might want to join a country club. However, most of the benefits are not plainly laid out. They are primarily dependent on how you leverage your membership. If you are not sure whether or not you should join a country club in Central Delaware, consider how the following might add value to your life.

Unmatched Networking Opportunities

This is by far one of the most significant benefits of joining a country club. You will be able to foster valuable professional and social links with members across other organizations and industries. An active country club membership is simply one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a group of like-minded people at a local level.

Great Entertainment

Ideally, a country club membership will open the door to a variety of activities that appeal to almost everyone. From playing golf, swimming, playing cards, to fitness facilities, you can undoubtedly find something to enjoy in Kent County, Delaware. As of 2017, there are now more than 23.83 million golf players in the United States alone. Therefore, you will indeed find a group of people to play with.

Since most country clubs are family-friendly, you can also take this opportunity to have more family time while making use of the planned activities, tennis, fitness programs, and dining events.

Guest Opportunities

Many country clubs offer guest policies that enable you to bring your family and friends along with you. You can show them around and they can participate in some activities, which makes for a lot more fun.

Additionally, you’ll be surprised that bringing a friend with you to the country club might even pique their interest in becoming a member too. That in itself is another perk of club membership: you get to help your friends become part of the country club family.

Which of these benefits do you think you will most appreciate when you join a country club? Even if you can get these benefits elsewhere, a country club atmosphere in Magnolia, Delaware is just different, and it can’t be replicated in a public place. It’s an experience reserved exclusively for members, and becoming part of a country club family is your ticket to enjoying it.


How to Pick the Perfect Venue for Your Corporate Events

Planning a successful corporate event is a daunting task, to say the least. There are countless choices to make for each aspect of the event. Your select venue in Kent County, Delaware is a critical piece of the puzzle. It will shape your attendees’ experience.

The ideal corporate events venue can be the difference between a successful networking experience and uncomfortable delegates with their eyes trained on the exit. With so much riding on the corporate event space, it’s not always easy to figure out where to start. Here are five factors to consider when picking the right venue so you can hit the ground running with the event planning.

1. Know What You Want

The first step to organizing successful corporate events is to clearly outline what you want and what the venue should provide. It means figuring out the dates you are looking for, the type of amenities you want, audio-visual equipment needed, and much more. Discussing the details of the event with the venue manager can help you get a clearer picture of all of the possible costs and fees.

2. Figure Out the Ideal Space and Layout

There’s nothing worse than feeling crammed into a space that is too small. Is there a capacity limit that can hinder your charity fundraisers? Keeping your estimated headcount in mind is key to finding the right corporate events space. If you need break rooms, networking stations, or a green room, check if the venue can accommodate your needs. If you are into outdoor spaces, you can check out your local country club. Be sure to ask if the deck and the lawn are available for use.

3. Calculate Your Budget

Next, you need to figure out your budget allocation for the venue. An excellent way to get started is to create a checklist of bare minimums for the amenities and services you need alongside their estimated costs. As a good rule of thumb, you may want to allocate as much as 20% of the corporate event’s budget here. Call some prospective venues for rates to get a good base number to refer to. Most golf clubs provide all-inclusive pricing for their services.

4. Location, Accessibility, and Parking

If attendees are traveling from far from the corporate retreats or commuting each day, you may want a venue that is easily accessible to transportation networks and hotels in Magnolia, Delaware. Parking can be an expensive, unforeseen added cost for participants if on-site parking isn’t available. You may also book shuttle buses or a taxi service to facilitate transport to and from the event.

5. Food and Beverage Accommodations

Everyone loves treats at corporate events. Tasty foods and special drinks not only appeal to the senses but also serve as excellent conversation starters. Inquire if your favorite golf club can accommodate food and drinks as part of their event package. Decide if you want sit-down meals or a buffet-style. Most venues have restrictions on vendors allowed, and you may need to counter-check with their managers.

Figuring out the right venue in central Delaware for your corporate events comes down to asking the right questions. It also entails understanding your precise needs and how they should be handled. Take time to find spaces that will reflect your values and stick to your budget while providing excellent amenities for the attendees.


More Than a Public Golf Course: What Your Local Country Club Has to Offer

More and more people are taking up golf. As of 2017, in the United States alone, there are approximately 23.83 million golf participants. If you want to get out on the green but aren’t sure where to start, join your local country club at Jonathan’s Landing Club. At Jonathan’s Landing, you can improve your existing game while enjoying breathtaking and relaxing views of Magnolia, Delaware. Not sold just yet? Here are a few reasons to check out our public golf course.

Breathtaking Scenery

One of the best reasons people golf is the experience of being outdoors. Surround yourself with nature on a premier 18-hole golf course surrounded by lush greenery and amazing views. Perfect your swing while basking in a championship golf course that offers both sport and relaxation for anyone: beginners, casual golfers, and professionals alike.

Learn to Play Golf

When you think of a public golf course, you may not imagine it has all the amenities, including golf instruction. If you are new to the game, there is no reason to worry because your local country club can offer everything you need to begin your golfing journey.

Already into golf but want to improve? Well, have no fear—your Kent Country Club at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club offers classes for golfers of all skill levels with personalized instruction to take your game to the next level. Bring your friends for group classes and see who has the best golf game while having a blast on the links.

Happy Hour

Golfing is not just great exercise but also a chance to socialize and have fun. Chances are your local country club has a pub where you can unwind and relax after a fun day on the course. Enjoy a cocktail or two at the bar, or make a reservation for a delicious dinner with friends to fully take advantage of all the amenities at your nearby golf course.

Your Next Event

From charity fundraisers to corporate events, your local country club has got you covered. With amazing planning and personalized options, your next event will be a rousing success when you choose your local country club to host. Have a great day of golf on a lovely 18-hole golf course while enjoying stellar service that includes amazing food and beverage options, available banquet spaces, and use of the course’s facilities and superb amenities. Book a party or plan a golf tournament today to guarantee a memorable experience for you and your guests.

A public golf course is more than just a place to tee off. It is a local Delaware country club that provides everything from beautiful views and golf instruction to corporate event space and Sunday brunch. Contact your local country club at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club today for more information.